Notes when redesigning the brand identity

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Notes when redesigning the brand identity

With a business, brand identity plays an extremely important role to help customers identify and remember their brands and products. Moreover, the brand identity is also a means of conveying messages between businesses and customers. However, there will be times when businesses need to renew their brand identity to renew their brand. Here are the notes when redesigning the corporate brand identity that Angito Vietnam wants to share with you.


When businesses have not specified the goals and business strategies that businesses want to convey, consider thinking about renewing the brand. This is the time when the enterprise has not determined its development orientation, so it cannot build a new brand identity, otherwise the business will not be able to bring its message and orientation to coincide with each other, affecting the reliability of the logo - the brand identity as well as the actual development of the business.


In order to increase competitiveness in the market today, it requires businesses to always renew themselves. But not necessarily changing the image of the business many times in a short time. When businesses try to race according to the trend, the business is integrating itself into the majority. So why don't businesses choose their own way to go but must go after or try to catch up with the trend?

Remember that customers who come to the business are because of their beautiful logo and meaning, not because they own a colorful "collection" logo but there is no highlight and cannot show the value of the business. career.

When renewing their identity, enterprises should focus on showing the core points as well as their bold markings, the factors that make customers remember to get new brand identity, Customers will also easily recognize right away it's your business.


When businesses are on the rise, the customers, partners and consumers pay attention to the most as well as you have achieved a certain position in the mind and loyalty of customers, changing the set brand identity at this time is completely wrong. That means you are losing your attachment and connection to customers. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right time to be able to change the new brand identity more perfect that customers can still remember you.


When businesses have not fully researched information about customers, about the market, businesses should stop thinking about renewing the brand. This will only cause customers to turn their backs on products and sales that will drop markedly.

Before building or designing new brand identity sets, businesses need to fully understand information about customers, target markets, consumer tastes, buying behavior ... to be the foundation. Branding. In particular, when your business intends to expand its business to other areas, it is necessary to learn more about the culture of that country. This will help you build a brand image associated with the target market culture so that the market can receive you more quickly.

Above are the considerations when redesigning the brand identity that businesses need to pay attention to to get the "brand new" brand image in the most perfect way. great for businesses, both as the message communicator as well as the representative face, symbolic image of the business, so owning a beautiful and impressive brand identity will bring great attraction. Great for your business.

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