Why need to design brand identity

Brand identity design is a logo standard from the principle of using logo design and the use of colors in the brand from the media brand identity system to the media brand identity system.

Uniform standards based on ideas used throughout the system. Brand identity is what consumers see and hear about that brand in everyday life.

Brand identity design is the best way to communicate to customers, bearing the cultural identity of that business, a tool to promote effective brand, an asset that needs to be taken care of. Management and investment are extensive and long-term on the way of building to become a strong brand.

Here are the reasons why designing brand identity and benefits brings the most intuitive way!

Consumers identify products and services

The brand identity system will help the brand image of the business to be easily recognized and reminded in the mind of your customers, products or services will be easily recognized in hundreds of thousands of products of the same type.

It makes a difference and is easily identifiable to consumers. That is what makes success. Normally, the brand identity system gives consumers a sense of reason: good quality, nice design ... and feeling: like professionalism, personality, class ... creating a mind Reasonable to own the product. Trademarks are often told that it is the "brand" to "love".

Brand identity facilitates sales strategy

If you have a good brand identity system, using it as a media will be easy and effective. From the strategy of promoting products, uniforms, product and service brands, exhibition space, ...

The whole will make the strategy to bring products and services to customers most effectively. Consumers buy products proactively, they are confident to make purchasing decisions. Because they believe in the brand as well as the superior values ​​that you bring to them.

Enhance brand value

Strong brand identity system will make brand value more and more advanced. Through the increase in awareness, understanding, loyalty of goods to businesses. It makes brand value grow in a sustainable way. It means creating trust, easily attracting investment capital and maintaining stock prices.

Brand is the largest asset value of an enterprise. Success or not of a brand. It depends greatly on building community awareness, strengthening and creating value.

Become a pride for employees

When you meet long-time friends during class meetings, meet each other at the end of the year ... Frequently asked questions are often: how did you do business this time, which company do you work for now? Is salary good? If you feel proud to answer when you're not hesitant: I work for Honda. I make Becamex ...

You feel happy when you receive the compliments from people that your company is so eager to work in that environment, but you are lucky!

This does not need to be analyzed much, if you design a good brand identity, it is easy to convince partners as well as customers. What needs to be done is to expand the concept of "quality" of products and services. Apply it to images shown on the media for products. Such as advertising, packaging, signage, office papers or even popular publications. Like consignment notes - in short, all consumers are exposed to.

Reduce marketing costs

Effective brand identity system creates a good impression on products, services and businesses. Through professionalism, unity and resonance will create a strong brand image. Don't lose your chance to competitors because your brand identity system doesn't have or looks unprofessional and is on the same level as them. Equip brand knowledge for every business so they become brand ambassadors.

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