Criteria for evaluating brand identity

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Criteria for evaluating brand identity

When it comes to the phrase design or construction and development of brand identity, it must not be strange to those who do business, but to be able to see and evaluate how a brand identity branding standardization? With this question, not every business person can answer. So how does a brand identity set up be called a brand image building standard?


A new brand when it is born will need its own character to affirm the brand's presence in the market. And are your customers, or your partners, or the public when they approach the brand identity image of your business, easily confused with any other brand? Do they easily recognize that it is your brand? Some brands have global scale they have done this well.

A standard brand identity should clearly show the outstanding characteristics of your business. The uniqueness can be derived from images, colors, logos, slogans, creativity in creating images. The impression is expressed through the characteristics of the business activities, the strength of products and services as well as the corporate culture. Has the design language conveyed the main message that you want your customers to feel?


A set of brand identity designs includes items such as mail envelopes, business cards, letter headers to employee cards, office uniforms, etc. All of these products must be ensured that they have with common identification signals, from images, colors, graphic elements, messages to convey, help your customers and partners easily identify your business, through these products is the viewer who can recognize this is the product of your own business.

This is very important because if the documents in the identifier do not comply with these principles, disrupting viewers will take place, the branding nature of the business will become more difficult, less effective, this has a great impact on the difficulty of meeting the business goals of the business.

In addition, the image, content, and design language of this document must also be consistent with the cultural factors, behavior of businesses as well as the culture and quality of products / services of businesses want to convey to consumers.


Has your brand identity set your professionalism yet? Do you have any concerns or concerns about bringing these materials to your partners and customers? Whether your guests and partners can easily identify your business. Have you received positive feedback about your brand image? Does your customer feel the message that your business wants to convey through brand identity? When you have answers to those questions, you will identify the brand image of the business you are in.

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